Diversifying Malagasy farmers’ income

Ceffel is a specialized farmers’ organization, created in 2006 at the initiative of Fifata and Fert, to meet the demand of farmers of diversifying their incomes on farms through the production of fruits and vegetables.

Over the past 15 years, Ceffel has been recognized as a key player in the sector and in agricultural training in Madagascar. Being driven by farmers and deeply anchored to the Fifata group enables Ceffel to respond in a concrete way to the needs of Malagasy farmers. Its 20 hectar farm is an essential support for training and learning by doing.


Advisory service, experimentation and training

Training producers, lead farmers, technicians and agricultural advisorsRigorously testing agricultural innovations under farming conditions and facilitating their dissemination through trainingCollecting, analyzing and disseminating vegetable prices to producers


Quality services for the development of the fruits and vegetables sector

Ceffel aims at being a reference for farmers through:

• Training: fruits and vegetables productions, markets intelligence for farmers, lead farmers, technicians and agricultural advisors.
• Experimentation: identification of tests to be conducted according to the needs of the farmers, conducting experiments and tests in a farming environment and disseminating the results through training and open days on the farm.
• Market information: by analyzing and disseminating (by email, SMS, information board…) the prices of vegetables from Madagascar’s main markets.




: Ceffel Center

Areas of intervention of the Ceffel association:

: for the Fifata group: experiments and training

: for other partners: visits and trainings

: for the Fifata group and other partners

9 t

pre-base seed potatoes produced per year

1 500

visitors on the farm educational per year


experimental works 90 tests carried out in rural areas per year

1 180

information recipients price by sms (Siel)


seed potatos multipliers


lead farmers
300 farmers and
150 technicians trained per year

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