Strengthening services to farmers to secure their income


Agricultural sector is a pillar of Kenyan economy that needs to be structured

Kenya is seen as an economic power in East Africa. However, in terms of agriculture, the country shows great disparities between productive counties in the south-west of the country and more arid or marshy areas in the north and on the coast.
The cereals and pulses sub-sector remain relatively unstructured. It is dominated by maize production as a food crop. Wheat, barley, sorghum and rice are slightly more structured, as cash crops. In the context of a very heterogeneous supply of services to farmers in terms of coverage and quality, improving and securing farmers’ incomes will necessarily involve strengthening their organizations and developing dedicated services.
Created in 1996, CGA, a national umbrella organization of Kenyan cereal farmers, has embarked in 2015 on a new strategic phase aiming at meeting these challenges in a sustainable manner.


Improving CGA’s services offer and sustainability in its long-term strategy

Producing in quantity and in a sustainable mannerStoring and marketing under favorable conditions for food security and incomeEnhancing sustainable management of family farms


A new strategy to offer CGA services to its members, developed in 5 counties

In the wake of a pilot phase conducted from 2016 to 2019, the action aims at intensifying and rolling out the services and the way of structuring CGA members.

Supporting the new CGA strategy
• Evolution of information systems
• Review of membership policy and services offer
• Definition of the services business model
• Advocacy for farmers
• Setting up a training scheme for farmers

Actions and services in the counties for farmers
• Technical and economic advisory services to farmer groups
• Technical tests and production of local technico-economic references
• Interface and synergies for input supply, marketing and financial services
• Training of farmer leaders and strengthening of regional representation




: CGA-Fert dissemination area of the action


national FO


local and regional FOs



2 179

family farmers concerned

13 073

people in farming families benefit from the action

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