Agricultural sector is a pillar of Kenyan economy facing climate change and economic constraints

Kenya is seen as an economic power in East Africa. However, in terms of agriculture, the country shows great disparities between productive counties in the west of the country and more arid or marshy areas in the north and on the coast.

Kenya is widely affected by climate change with the rains being unpredictable and/or very scarce. Maize production (the staple food) is severely impacted.
In many counties, farmers’ vulnerability is aggravated by dependence on maize production for food and income, low-fertility soils and increase in cost of production.

Created in 1996, CGA, a national umbrella organization of Kenyan cereal farmers, has embarked in 2015 on a new strategic phase aiming at meeting these challenges in a sustainable manner.


Improving CGA’s services offer and sustainability in its long-term strategy


Producing in quantity and in a sustainable manner

Storing and marketing under favorable conditions for food security and income

Enhancing sustainable management of family farms


A new strategy to offer CGA services to its members, developed in 5 counties

The  action  aims  at  intensifying  the  services to farmers and their impact, while supporting CGA structuration towards a greater farmer-led approach/action
-Actions and services in the counties for farmers
-Technico-economic advisory to farmer groups through trainings, demonstration plots and exchange visits
-Trials and agroecology learning sites
-Building of technico-economic references for advisory and advocacy via a digital tool
-Linkages for input supply, marketing and financial services
-Empowerment  and support of farmer advisors to provide proximity services
Supporting CGA structuration and sustainability
-Advocacy at county and national level
-Training and support of farmer leaders and strengthening of regional representation
-Review of membership policy and value proposition (services offer)
-Mentoring of farmer groups to implement sustainable collective services

🟥 CGA-Fert dissemination area of action
⚫ Capital : Nairobi


national FO


local and regional FOs




family farmers concerned

424 450

Average annuel budget
(including Fert support)
of which €40, 000€ financed directly by CGA