A disorganized regional dairy value chain

In the Samtskhe Javakheti region, 64% of the population lives in rural areas and dairy farming is omnipresent. The production level of cows is low. In terms of quality, current practices cannot guarantee healthy dairy products. The milk produced is mainly processed on the farm into cheese. The few local private or cooperative dairies process small quantities; they encounter difficulties in obtaining regular supplies of quality milk.
It is in this context that since 2012 farmers have started gathering together; first, informally and then within Ertoba association. To meet these challenges, they are supported by GBDC team (7 technicians).


Improving the livelihood of breeders through the development of the dairy sector

Increasing the production of milk and improving its quality through training, advice and production of referencesPromoting collective organization by building the capacity of leader breeders and by encouraging group initiativesImproving the valorization of dairy products, through cheese processing on the farm or in dairies (private or cooperative)


Technical and economic advice on all factors of milk production

In about 10 villages, GBDC team supports breeders in different ways:
• Farm diagnosis and consultations on 4 themes: animal health and reproduction, fodder production and feed, livestock buildings, quality and dairy processing.
• Animation of groups: trainings, study trips, support for group projects (joint purchasing, collective facilities).
• Supporting dairies in milk collection and cheese processing.
• Supporting professional structuring: leaders’ training, monitoring and relations with local authorities.
Ertoba association and GBDC benefit from the support of Fert and missions from French partners (Savencia Ressources Laitières, BTPL).




: Samtskhe Javakheti region


liters produced on average/day/cow on a 6 month cycle


of milk production transformed at the farm into cheese

54 400

dairy cows in the Samtskhe Javakheti region
(12% of the national herd)


farmer members of the Etroba association


farmers benefiting from GBDC technical services

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