On May 29, 2015, the newly-formed Georgian producers’ association, called Ertoba, organized its first information exchange workshop in Akhaltsikhe. Around 100 people attended. It aimed to stimulate discussions on technical and commercial initiatives in the diary production sector.

Ertoba (“Unity” in Georgian) is a newly-formed breeders’ association supported by Fert’s “Caucasus Diary” project. Its goal is to help its members and other breeders in the region to improve diary quality and productivity. In order to achieve this, Ertoba wish to become the main channel for communication with the government and the development organizations in order to disseminate information and innovations to farmers in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region.





A successful first meeting

Facilitated by Ertoba president, Giorgi Chilashvili, this workshop provided the opportunity for breeders to introduce their projects and to learn more about the other actions implemented in the region.

Several speeches enriched the debate:

  • Konstantin Khutsaidze, from the Ministry of Agriculture, introduced the agriculture development strategic plan of the Georgian government.
  • Corinne Gomel (CLE & PS) and Jean-Charles Derongs (Fert), projet partners, presented the role and functioning of French producers’ organizations.



Learn more about the workshop thanks to the local television report:


The debate was closed with the insurance of a better cooperation between the government service, NGOs and civil society stakeholders.