VFTV-Fifata is one of 11 regional farmers’ organizations (FOs) that are members of the national FO Fifata. It offers various services to its members, including technical and economic advice. Fert supports the Fifata Group, which consists of 11 FOs and specialised players such as Ceffel, a specialised association that develops activities to serve fruit and vegetable producers.

About a hundred producers, supplied by 26 seed potato producers, were able to put into practice the skills acquired thanks to the support of the Fifata Group (VFTV-Fifata and Ceffel).

These producers have undertaken to regularly deliver potatoes intended for the production of French fries to the Antsirabe point of sale of the GASTRONOMIE-PIZZA fast food chain.

This “short cycle” marketing scheme offers many advantages to producers and promotes the dynamic organisation of producers within the federation with the creation of 11 new communal unions.

A young relay farmer cooperates with these communal unions and technicians to manage production schedules and ensure the regular delivery of products.

VFTV-Fifata is gradually moving forward in the partnership: it currently supplies 34 tonnes of potatoes per year, out of the 72 tonnes requested by the restaurant chain, and is progressing in accordance with the specifications defined with the operator.

The producers are enthusiastic and envisage a cooperative structure for a more equitable organisation between the members and to satisfy the customers’ requirements in terms of sanitary quality, variety, taste, respect of schedules…

A good example of the implementation of the Fifata Group’s “Potatoes” strategy: healthy seed multiplication, improvement of technical routes, storage, structuring around services, and in particular marketing with GASTRONOMIE-PIZZA.