To satisfy a strong demand from the value chain and farmers, Ceffel (a specialized professional agricultural organization that is a member of the Fifata group) has been developing a healthy seed potato multiplication activity since 2011 with the support of the FN3PT, the National Federation of Potato Plant Producers (France). This large-scale action has strengthened the confidence of members in the Fifata group and has enabled the establishment of a rigorous seedling production and monitoring system.

Based on this experience and to meet the needs of the market gardeners supported by Fifata around the capital (Antananarivo), Fert mobilized CIRAD’s expertise to train Ceffel in vegetable seed production.

CIRAD ( Center for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development) is a French research center that produces and disseminates knowledge for sustainable agriculture adapted to climate change in developing countries.

Since April 2021, three training sessions have been organized, ranging from the fundamentals of vegetable seed production to genetics. Through virtual visits to Ceffel’s production sites, CIRAD has also shared some practical advice.

Ceffel has already begun to improve certain practices (increasing density, guaranteeing varietal purity, isolation distances, etc.). The aim of Fifata and Ceffel is to train and support a network of vegetable seed producers in several regions of Madagascar so that farmers can access good quality seeds locally at appropriate prices.

A CIRAD mission to Madagascar is planned as soon as the borders are reopened.

This action is an integral part of the Ambioka project, implemented by Fert in partnership with Fifata, Ceffel and Cap Malagasy, as part of the AFAFI-centre program ( Program to Support the Financing of Agriculture and Inclusive Value chains in Central Madagascar), co-financed by the European Union.