Training and backstopping leaders of farmers’ organizations


FLP: a training action for leaders of the Fifata group

The involvement of the FOs in the public authorities’ reflections on agricultural development is increasingly requested.

Given the lack of adequate response in terms of training for farmers leaders, the Fifata Group’s Farmers’ Leaders Training Program (FLP) was launched in 2012 to fulfil the need of the FOs of the Fifata Group accompanied by Fert, in particular to be able to take on their new advocacy mission, improve their governance for the benefit of their members and prepare the next generation of leaders, from the local to the national level.


Training the agri’actors of today and tomorrow

Helping FOs to plan and prepare the renewal of their leadersTraining FOs’ leaders and managers from the local to the national level for strong and professional FOsBackstopping leaders in their contribution to public policies and farmers representation


Curriculums that meet the needs of the Fifata group

To meet the needs of the Fifata group, FLP unit implements training and supports actions through 5 curriculums:
• young (future) leaders graduating from Fekama agricultural high schools and/or members of Fifata Regional Federations (RFOs)
• grassroots FO leaders (communal and intermunicipal levels)
• regional FO leaders
• leader and manager tandems of the FOs of the Fifata group (regional and national levels)
• national leaders

FLP unit also offers to the FOs of the Fifata group a specific support, on request, on their sustainability (economic and financial, technical, organizational, in their environment) and that of their services.
The trainings give great importance to sharing between experienced leaders and younger or beginner leaders, as well as to an active pedagogy that allows the expression and involvement of the participants.




: FLP intervention areas

1 244

leaders or FO trained leaders
since 2013; including:


regional and national FO leaders


advisers supporting basic FOs


young farmers


of women leaders or FO trained leaders


of young trainees involved in regional FOs

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