Training is a flagship service developed by Fifata, a Malagasy peasant confederation, over time. First, by creating colleges so that young people can train themselves as farmers. Today there are 5 agricultural colleges grouped together in a national federation: Fekama.

Fifata then sought to respond to the training needs of elected representatives of farmers’ organizations by proposing responses tailored to each level of commitment, from grassroots farmers’ organizations to regional farmers’ organizations up to the national level. A small team, grouped in the “Training Leaders Peasants (FLP)”, carries out these training courses for Fifata.

This paper describes the experience of implementing one of the FLP services, the Young Farmers Trained (JAF2) in the Fekama-Fifata agricultural colleges, which consists of training and support for young farmers’ leaders. This training service was set up with the support of Fert in response to the needs expressed by Fifata.