In Burkina Faso and Madagascar Fert is a partner of farmers’ organisations (FOs) concerned with supporting and training farmers to be ‘leaders’ in their organisations.

Visit of a field of a women’s cooperative

Session to develop the vision of the FO

From 1 to 12 September 2019, 2 elected representatives of cooperatives and 2 training technicians from the Burkinabe FLP team were welcomed by 1 elected representative of Fifata and 2 training technicians from the FLP team in Madagascar. Through the sharing of experiences, this mission was an opportunity to:

  • See

    How the training of leaders can bring about changes in the lives of Malagasy producers.


    Why leadership is not only intellectual but also rural.


    That a better complicity between technicians and farmers can bring about real changes in the life of a FO in general and in particular in the territory and the lives of producers.

This trip also triggered a reaction from Burkinabe elected officials, In Madagascar, they don’t have enough land because there are many hills and the State is abandoning them, and yet they manage to produce. While in Burkina Faso, our land is not damaged… and we complain all the time! (Words of elected Burkinabe officials).


Farm Leader Training, a set of training courses for leaders to:

  • Help FOs to think and identify the next generation of their leaders.
  • Train elected officials and agricultural managers from local to national level for strong and professional FOs.
  • Support leaders in their contribution to public policy and the defence of farmers.