The capitalization process of the experience of the RCM (Innovation Network Mediterranean Agro-systems) with the partnership of F3E aims to analyze network dynamics over time in order to build upon the achievements and lessons learned to help give new impetus to the network and a new dynamic of actors.

The animation team of capitalization, as well as some members of the RCM network met in Kenitra (Morocco) from 14th to 18th of September 2015 for the capitalization of restitution workshop, launched a year ago.

Following discussions very interesting plenary and group work, it emerges that:

  • RCM network is a space for exchange around innovation and knowledge to address the constraints and challenges of agricultural development around the Mediterranean,
  • The strategic direction of the network should focus on Conservation Agriculture to contribute, in a context of climate change requires better management of natural resources, sustainability of agriculture in the region,
  • The actors of the capitalization process wishing to create spaces for dialogue and knowledge sharing between farmers and researchers on field issues.

Moreover, the need Fert posture change and other actors of the RCM was officially recorded : now, the network has to take a new momentum to be more autonomous. From this perspective, the identification of focal points by country was introduced.

The next steps are to:

  • Expand the network and integrate new members,
  • Reconfigure the RCM governance bodies,
  • Involve more strongly the members in the definition of the orientations and in its empowerment.
The first meeting of the steering committee of the RCM (constituted by the national focal points), which will take place in Evora (Portugal) from 7 till 11 March of this year, should engage this new orientation.