Main partners

Union of associations of agricultural water users Toudgha (UAUEA), GIE Dates and honey, dairy cooperative, Soil and Civilization


The Union of Associations of Agricultural Water Users (UAUEA) of Toughda basin witnessed the threat to the oasis of Toughda, and the challenges farmers face (soil degradation by erosion and salinization, desertification, parasitic infestations and diseases of crops, etc.).

The Union support action of Associations of Agricultural Water Users (UAUEA) of Toudgha Basin is a continuation of rural development actions that demonstrated the interest of more transversal approach in areas where agriculture is a minor player but determinant of economic and social development of a territory. It is thus implemented on a pilot and demonstrative, a rural development operation based and structured by the OP Toudgha basin, particularly by UAUEA.

At the end of 2016, funding for the action came to an end.