Main partners 

  • AFD
  • the agricultural professional organizations  in 5 countries in  subsaharian africa

In Madagascar : Fifata, Cap Malagasy, Ceffel,Fekama

In Burkina Faso : Unions of cowpea producers in Dablo, Pensa and Pissila (Sanmatenga), Fugcom

In Tanzania : 53 base OPA = 1600 members

In Ivory Coast : Coopara

In Kenya : CGA

Geographic location

TransFert program, built on a 3 yars period, began on the  1st january 2015.

Transfer covers five countries : Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar, in connection with actions carried out in France by Fert. Its objective is to contribute to the improvement of agricultural economies in Sub-Saharan Africa by the organization of producers..


There are a lot of stakes in this program :

  • Strengthen the operational actions accompanying Takeover (towards empowerment) in a performance improvement objective and income from EAF;
  • Prolong the action by reflections and capitalization work: thematic workshops;
  • Strengthen south-south cross and exchange with other development actors to a change of scale;
  • Strengthening Action engineering and nourish the approach Fert

Indeed, although the contexts differ from one country to another, whether in terms of soil and climate conditions, the Takeover environment or accompanying arrangements Fert, the major issues are the same, namely close to the board, accompanying young, agro ecology, strengthening the capacity of leaders (and managers) and the positioning of the takeover of the dies. Decompartmentalization shares through South-South trade can inspire IPOs and boost the development of services.