As part of the action Education for rural development and international solidarity (EADR-SI) “Phase 2” (2014-2016), Fert has developed links with higher education, through various interventions..

The example of the partnership forged with the Isara, higher agricultural school of Lyon, is particularly striking.
Started in September 2014, it covers a variety of actions, diversity awareness to the themes of development and international solidarity in times differences of student life:

  • Development Conference from 2nd and 3rd year students: in November 2015, Bernard Guidez, board member, participated in this conference by providing testimony to French farmer involved in agricultural development projects internationally;
  •  Within the domain of deepening “Development and territorial engineering”;
  • Intervention one-day project management;
  • Participation in the group work of the jury on the evaluation of development projects;
  • Made by a group of students of a study proposed by Fert, as part of the “Maestro”: last year, Morgan, Eva, and Aurélien Romain had worked on the impact of the mobilization by Fert of French agricultural professionals . Here the synthesis of their study;
  • Sponsorship Datam Course (agro-technical development and food for the world).
More timely interventions are also conducted in other schools, such as Lille ISA, or IRC Montpellier. These different interventions used to present the agricultural cooperative approach internationally proposed by Fert, and to convey a message of solidarity and cooperation to students, future agricultural professionals.