In order to train the next generation of family farms and Fifata group agricultural professional organizations, agri-agency Fert and Cneap have been supporting a training and integration program for young people in agriculture for 20 years. 5 agricultural colleges were created and are federated within the Fekama federation, a member of the Fifata group.

When the location of agricultural colleges does not allow them to be connected to the electricity grid, solar electrification provides students and educators with a good quality of life and work while preserving the environment.

In early 2019, Fert and its partners, Fifata and Fekama, with the support of solar professionals, Synergie Solaire and Electriciens sans frontières, respectively electrified the 5th agricultural college created in the Alaotra Mangoro region and renovated the solar installation of the Ambalavao agricultural college in the Haute Matsiatra region. For the installation, Fert and its partners trusted the company Energie Technologie.


These facilities provide access to electricity and water; they improve daily living conditions and facilitate access to information. Students benefit from quality training, through the use of various teaching materials, through courses that are better prepared and led by the trainers.

The benefits of solar electrification as seen by students and educational teams

“The use of the video projector allows me to better understand the courses”

“I can more easily ensure security with night lighting”

“We can now organize evening pedagogical meetings”

“I can charge my phone and write regularly to my family”

“Thanks to the solar panels I can use the computer daily and keep the accounts up to date”

“I love the parties that are organized in the evening”

“Water is always available thanks to solar panels”

Solar water pumping

Renovation of the solar installation at Ambalavao College

Technical room of Manganoro College