With producers, Fert has tested many experiences to improve the marketing of agricultural products (sale in cooperatives, market development, processing, storage…).

Today, Fert and its partners realize that no model is perfect, but that the more solutions are thought out methodically with producers, the more effective the initiatives are. Based on this observation, Fert helped the Fifata group to create an educational tool “the world of marketing” that helps producers to make a diagnosis of their market at the local level, to make an inventory of their knowledge on the sectors that concern them, and to provide bases on market mechanisms (supply / demand law, distribution of value, market price…). The confrontation of this practical knowledge of territories and market mechanisms makes it possible to bring out very concrete and generally effective local initiatives.



An educational tool to support the management of Malagasy family farms

How can Malagasy producers be effectively supported in their farm management when most of them cannot read and write and cannot eat enough every year?

It is from this observation that Fert and Cap Malagasy (an association specialized in agricultural consulting created by Fert and Fifata), had the idea of creating a simple and visual educational tool. The “kilalaom-pitantanana” (or agricultural monopoly) aims to simulate the functioning of an agricultural holding. Seen in a more rapid way, the one-year process allows the producer to carry out a self-analysis of his farm and to identify, with the help of the advisor, the solutions best adapted to his situation.
Cap Malagasy recently trained 13 EU partner project managers. During the training, the participants indicated “an operation like this does not exist“, the trainers simply offered the invited producer anonymously to answer questions that actually concerned his own operation. The participants were very surprised… but convinced of the usefulness of such a tool.