Fert and Trias, two agri-agencies that are members of the International AgriCord Alliance, are partners of Fugcom and support it in developing its 5-year vision.

Fugcom is a Federation of vegetable producers’ organizations in the province of Bam in Burkina Faso, which has more than 1000 active members.

Fert has been supporting this Federation since 2015 in partnership with Trias, a Belgian agri-agency that is a member of the AgriCord Alliance.

In 2019, Fert and Trias led a reflection process to support the elected representatives and members of Fugcom in defining their vision in terms of the development of their activity, their 5-year action plan and its budgeting.

This collaborative work made it possible to define the objectives to be achieved:

  • Provide Fugcom members with quality inputs.
  • To enable Fugcom onion producers to improve their cultivation practices and the quality of the onions produced.
  • Make the Bam province counter, managed by Fugcom, functional. By offering better quality products, adapted volumes and fair prices.
  • Ensure that Fugcom and producer organisations comply with the Ohada Law (Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa) and that governance bodies function properly.