As part of the capitalization process of the RCM* (led by Fert for 25 years) , that Fert leads with the cooperation of the F3E the animation team found itself in Rabat (Morocco) for a workshop organized from 28 till 30 August 2014 to officially launch the process and bound the methodological outlines of this work.

It is in the context of network transformation and the change of posture of Fert and the other actors of the RCM that was born the capitalization project experience of the RCM, which nevertheless remains a proposal of Fert.

The process of capitalization aims at analyzing the dynamics of the network in time to value the experiences and learn which will favor the started of actors’ new dynamics. It presents a triple challenge namely:
– The dynamics of exchanges between farmers of the Mediterranean region;
– The dynamics of exchanges between farmers and researchers, and more widely a set of actors of agricultural development;
– The animation of the network.

The project of capitalization is piloted by a small team of animation federated around Fert and consisted of a representative of F3E, 4 members of the network, identified according to their active implication while respecting a certain geographical representativeness and the Fert members.

Other people, chosen by the members of the RCM or among other partner organizations of the RCM, will be identified at the beginning of the capitalization process by the team of animation, to involve them at one time or another of the work (interviews, workshops, proofreading…).

The process is realized with the support of a consultant selected on call for tender, in this particular case, Mr Thiendou NIANG who is Expert in capitalization of the experiences and Director of the Cabinet Afrique Communication.

Took part in this meeting:
• Mr Saïd Mehnane (Farmer – Setif, Algeria)
• Mr Lazhar Lamouchi (Farmer – Mateur, Tunisia)
• Mr Hassan Benaouda (Researcher -Inra, Morocco)
• Mr Ricardo Freixial (Farmer and researcher – University Evora Portugal)
• MM. Bruno Vadon and Riad Bensouiah (Fert)
• Mrs Marthe Valere Feuvrier (F3E)
• Mr Thiendou Niang (Consultant – Cabinet Afrique Communication)

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*ex Mediterranean Field-Crops Network