To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Fifata wanted a big birthday, convener, and positions it as main Malagasy farmers’ organization.
Echoing the International Year of Family Farming, this anniversary was entitled “25 years to the promotion of family farming.”

A little History…

The Fifata association was born on September 29th, 1989. She federated about 500 farmers in two regions of central highlands of Madagascar. Five years later, in 1994, Fifata held its first congress in the presence of a French delegation led by Gerard de Caffarelli, then President of Fert. In 2009, Fifata celebrated its 20th anniversary. Henri de Benoist, current President of Fert, headed the French delegation.

Many services set up by and for farmers

Today with about 179,000 members in 13 federal organizations spread over 10 of the 22 regions of Madagascar, Fifata has always defended  “family agriculture, professional and competitive.” Thus, it has invested in the development of many services to meet the needs of farmers:

  • Structure of production within sectors (gasy chicken, rice, gardening …) for more efficient services;
  • Expanding access to credit with Cecam network (first mutual microfinance network with more than 160,000 members);
  • Creating the Ceffel association with a center of experimentation and training in fruit and vegetables, for the development and professionalization of the sector;
  • Development of a device Agricultural Advisory nearby (Cap Malagasy), which has now more than 4000 farms;
  • Creation of four agricultural colleges welcoming 300 young trainees each year in the Federated FeKAMa and a youth integration device;
  • Creation of  the SIF, specializing in land rights of farmers structure;
  • And deployment of tools for financing development with the establishment of three regional agricultural development fund as part of a national system.

Under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Roland Ravatomanga, Fifata invited about 300 people to participate in the festivities of September 29th, the anniversary to the day, and on September 30th and October 1st, three roundtables on issues of funding , land and training.

Fert, accompanying Fifata in its development since its inception, has participated in the event with a delegation of eight members and directors, including Michel Ledru (Fert President from 2006 to 2008). It was for them to realize the path traveled by Fert and Fifata during these 25 years despite the many political crises.

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