Fert Atelier bizerte RCM

Main partners

Agracon (Aragonese Association for conservation agriculture, Spain), Apam (Hyphen Association for modern agriculture, Algeria), AOC Soils (Occitane Association of Soil Conservation, France), Apad (Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Tunisia), based Cooperatives (Chaouaïa and Middle Atlas, Morocco), ATM (Farmers’ Group Bekaa, Lebanon), CETO (Algeria), INGC (Tunisia), ENA (Morocco), IAV (Morocco), INRA (Morocco ), INRA (France), Arvalis (France), University of Évora (Portugal), ACSAD (Arab Centre for the study of dry and arid lands), ICARDA (International Center for Agricultural Research in the dry areas) Ciheam (International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean agronomic studies)

Geographic location

Algeria, Spain, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia


For over 20 years the major Mediterranean Network Cultures became the Innovation Network Mediterranean Agro-systems (RCM) demonstrated the effectiveness of joint action research groups organized between farmers and researchers. Field work, group facilitation and international meetings are for ten years on conservation agriculture, notably with the organization of four Mediterranean Meetings of Direct Seeding in Settat (Morocco) in 2001, Tabarka (Tunisia) in 2003, Zaragoza (Spain) in 2006, and Setif (Algeria) in 2010. in March 2012, the RCM met in Tunisia to redefine its future strategy in the overall context of adaptation to climate change.

For more information: www.rcmed.org

Capitalization file on conservation agriculture in the Maghreb

In 2018, funding for the action come to an end, following the publication of this capitalization.