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CNEAP (Conseil National de l’Enseignement Agricole Privé), AFD

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This action “Education for rural development and international solidarity” took place from January 2012 to February 2017, in partnership with the Cneap, federation of French private agricultural establishments. It has enabled the development, in the agricultural lycées and their territories, of actions and animations making it possible to sensitize the young people and the adults to questions of international solidarity. To this end, a network of Regional Correspondents (CRs), regional referents on issues of development and international solidarity, has been set up.

This network is now operational and fully operated by Cneap. Its actions and news are visible on

Educational tools have also been produced within the framework of this action:

The EADR-SI Guide

The guide Cooperating here and there in Cneap

The presentation film of the mission of international cooperation of agricultural education

The tutorials on the set-up of international cooperation projects in an institution

A fellowship for projects also stimulated and encouraged the young people’s actions on these subjects: exhibitions, solidarity meals, conferences, screenings of films followed by a debate …

Projects funded in June 2012

Projects funded in November 2012

Projects funded in January 2015

Projects funded in October 2015

Since 2014, always in the framework of this action, Fert has developed links with several universities. A partnership has been especially woven with Isara (agricultural college of Lyon).

More information:

  • Presentation document
  • List of regional correspondents EADR-SI network (2015-2016 school year)
  • Geographical distribution of regional correspondents EADR-SI (2015-2016 school year)

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In 2017, funding for the action came to an end.