On March 28, representatives of different groups of producers Stolin district and members of the board of the RDC (Rural Development Center) inaugurated, in the presence of local authorities, their new premises at No 18 of the street Lenin to Stolin.




The contributions of the authorities – local and regional – in the implementation of these new premises(places) constitute a strong act of recognition of the work carried out by the private farmers within this rural and agricultural organization of development; structure created with the support of Fert in 2006 within the framework of the program Core Agri.




The progressive disengagement of Fert begun at the end of 2012 based on the good level of autonomy reached by the RDC. Besides, it meets the needs of private farmers and in their margins of evolution in the Belarusian agricultural economics: technical advice, reference creation, micro-credit.






This event is symbolic of this progress. The RDC commits right now a new stage in its recognition within the Belarusian institutions.


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