Since 2004, the association Fert has developed actions of agricultural advice especially through projects “South” (2004-2008) and Aropa (2009-2011) mainly in four regions of the south of the island of Madagascar: Amoron’i Mania Anosy High Matsiatra and Ihorombe.

logo CAP malagasyIn 2011, executives and technicians of Fert working in this specific field of agricultural advice, decided to gradually establish a professional structure of agricultural advice. “CAP Malagasy” – agricultural and local advice – was born in early 2012; still related to Fert, it will continue actions of local advice to farmers of central and southern regions of Madagascar.

Every day, CAP Malagasy counselors accompany producers in decision-making and provide know-how and skills to enable them to improve their products, to better promote their products and to organize together to solve common problems by implementation of appropriate services.



CAP Malagasy now operates in 21 rural communes of Amoron’i Mania, Ihorombe and Haute Matsiatra regions.Fert CAP conseil agricole terrain

Each region has a relatively autonomous regional antenna consisting of a technical team and another one for administrative and financial management.

At the inter-regional level, a transverse support team is responsible for coordinating, monitoring and evaluation or information-communication.

Counselors provide actions techno-economic advice, socio-organizational support – in particular the emergence of initiatives structured around professional courses -, monitoring and evaluation, funding and information about the actions carried out.





Since December 2012, and with the support of the European Union, the association Fert implements a project called Pronut, improving production and nutrition of vulnerable populations. Thanks to this project CAP Malagasy could move towards a formalization and become a malagasy player in the field of agricultural advisory nearby deeply rooted in rural areas.

Fert equipe Cap Malagasy 2013