Created at the initiative of dairy farmers in the state of Paraná in Brazil, accompanied by Fert and Ircod for 20 years, this association is experiencing dynamic development worthy of a success story. Unileite, through its members, board and manager, is now independent, both in its management (since 2006) and financially (since 2012). If it evolves in a Brazilian context holder, its nature and its unusual approach already beginning to be emulated.

An association that is unanimously

“We must continue to grow our association, which is not only a package of services that we buy, but where everyone brings his stone and maintains the unit. “


Fert Unileite PGPL BresilWith now nearly 200 farmer members, Unileite has demonstrated its relevance and effectiveness of its support for dairy farmers in the region Capanema, Paraná.

In 2013, a team of four employees was formed around the director Marciano Del Almeida to meet the service needs of its members (DHI, technical and economic advice, reproduction, reproductive diagnosis …).

Breeders have long invested in the association, as those who have recently joined all demonstrate the motivation of each employee in the mission entrusted to him. A dynamic animation team as members allowing Unileite to plan with confidence for the future. Maintaining a high quality service to its members, Unileite even think to count quickly 300 farmers receiving services, including staying focused on what is the strength of the association’s professional leadership (real farmers in CA very involved) and know-how in terms of technical and economic advice (its accompanying farms method, the PGPL and facilitation groups).

   “The technicians Unileite reflect our realities, they know each of our operations, they do not make speeches like other organizations. “


The real value of Unileite

“Solidarity is the word louder. Our French partners have shown in investing here not knowing what would happen to us to keep this in mind and to help other groups. “

The success of Unileite based on two essential elements that make its strength and relevance:

  • It is primarily a combination of services to farmers, created by farmers, driven by farmers and it has a real professional sitting
  • It offers a high quality service without commercial issue, allowing each family member to improve his dairy farm income and thus their living conditions.

With economic development, consumer demand is growing rapidly and dairies, cooperatives or private, encourage production to develop their collection. The demands of various groups (cooperatives, farmers’ associations, universities etc..) Are numerous. The management of stress has become part of Unileite activities.

Fert Unileite BresilGiven this overall dynamic of Brazil and the internal dynamics Unileite (good management, quality of leadership, quality technical team, members satisfaction, strong professional partnerships), the association may consolidate and enhance existing experience to the benefit of other farmers – by replication of its approach -in other regions and / or services to other OP.






Some key data about Unileite
  In May 2013 Unileite is:
  • An association of milk producers of the Southwest of Paraná, established in 1991 to support the development of livestock
  • 190 breeders members / beneficiaries of services Unileite
  • Financial autonomy achieved with an annual budget of approximately € 100,000
  • 5 employees
  • 2 providers of veterinary service
  • Strong partnerships (co-collection and supply, credit unions, municipalities …)
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