The PADR (Action Plan for Rural Development) and its information system about rural sector, in collaboration with Fert and Fifata, celebrates its 15th anniversary with a morning of rural development on the theme:

‘The Agricultural advice in rural areas’

Friday 28 February 2014, at 9 am

Great hall of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economy and industry, Anosy

Agriculture is the leading economic sector in Madagascar. With 45 % of GNP , it is the main source of employment (82 % of the workforce). The development of the family, professional and competitive agriculture is a major challenge for the country.

Although the agricultural advice  is part of the malagasy agricultural services strategy , this approach is still unrecognised and understood in Madagascar. The advice is built over time ( listen to the advice requires a certain level of trust that is only possible in the long term) and has a cost that cannot now be assumed only by farmers.

Therefore, sustainable solutions care remain to be built for the development of this service for a malagasy professional family farming. An agricultural advisor respects the technical and economic choices of the producer. This approach puts the producer in the heart of the decision and the advisor accompanied him on his choice. The producer becomes more efficient and autonomous in its decisions , thanks to this support .

It is in this sense that Fert association and the National Peasant Confederation Fifata follow the same path to develop the device of  the agricultural advisory with trained technicians .

Since 2008, Fert supports a training program for technicians farm advisory at the center Ceffel at Antsirabe .

In 6 years , 160 counselors were trained . Currently, Fert association and confederation Fifata support the creation of a specialized structure in agricultural advisory called CAP Malagasy ( Madagascar local Agricultural advice).

Summary of day trading

Experiences Fert and its partners , whether in the field of advice or training advisory farm allow food for thought and a better positioning of all actors ( Malagasy State, agricultural profession … ) on the future of the farm advisory service Malagasy producers .