The Arbomed network was born from the meeting of growers around the Mediterranean who on the occasion of actions of exchange and cooperation – led by Areflh and Fert – wished to take in hand a number of common issues.To compare the practices, better to manage the competitions, to develop complementarities, to approach technical, economic, commercial or still climatic questions are so many reasons which motivated the link of these Mediterranean producers’ organizations (POs).

The Arbomed network is constituted by Albanian, Algerian, Spanish, French, Italian, Moroccan, Portuguese and Tunisian organizations today.

February 20th and 21st, 2014 will take place in Marseille the Meetings Arbomed, co-organized by Fert and Areflh (see the program below).

These meetings will handle following questions:

  • How to optimize the management of farm irrigation? Where is the research and how to compare our practices?
  • What is the role of POs in support of sustainability factors of agriculture?
  • How better to know the market and its perspectives? Where are the production areas, where are markets? How evolves the demand?
  • How to introduce and to accompany economic and commercial partnerships?

At the end of these meetings, expectations will be better defined; each of the present organizations will be able to engage in a real action plan.