Within the framework of the project “Soil conservation and food security: a common concern for farmers in Mali and Morocco” led by Fert in partnership with Afdi Touraine and cofinanced by the AFD, Lucien Séguy (ex-researcher at Cirad) international specialist of the soil with cover crops held a conference, co-hosted, by Hassan Bourarach (IAV) and Bruno Vadon (Fert), on March 21st last to the Agronomic and veterinary Institute Hassan II (IAV) in Morocco, on the theme:

The conservation agriculture: between concept and reality of the ground

This intervention was the opportunity, for our present partners during this event, to discover and/or to deepen their knowledge on the conservation agriculture.

Participants will include:

  • farmers,
  • technicians,
  • researchers,
  • teachers,
  • students and doctoral students Moroccan, Malian, Tunisian and French.

The main represented institutions were the National Office of the Agricultural Council (NOAC), the Direction of Education, Training and Research for the Ministry of Agriculture, the Royal Domains, the Moroccan Association of the Importers of agricultural Implements, the Inra (Institut national de la recherche agronomique) of Morocco, IER (Institut d’Economie Rurale) of Mali, IAV and the Universities of Rabat as well as Afdi Touraine.

Find attached: the conference poster