Introduced in 2011, this action aims to help the breeders to introduce or to master better the technical factors of progress and to develop the functions and the services which they consider necessary (technical advice, training, supply, insemination, collection, transport, transformation).

2012 review

The first experiments, defined by a steering committee consisted of breeders and representatives of the sector (dairies, inseminators,…) was centered on the ration with about fifty young and motivated breeders.

They demonstrated that a better balance of the ration is an important lever of improvement, whatever is the genetic level of the animal.

References had been produced at the regional level (brochures currently under preparation) so much on these aspects complementation, fertilization, stage of mows, that on aspects “animal health” which were treated in parallel.

A dynamic process for 2013

In 18 months and thanks to a first very mobilizing theme of experiment, producers core made a commitment in the resolution of its problems.

2013 will be focused on the quality of feeds: sorts, mixtures, modes of conduct and stages of harvest. It will also be the opportunity to exploit this best knowledge of the stakes and the solutions as well as these first results to mobilize complementary financial means with the international financiers.