Every year since 1998, the Week of International Solidarity  (SSI) animates the third week of November. For this great national meeting on  awareness of international solidarity and sustainable development, thousands of events are held all over the country. Already recognized by the Cneap’s institutions  as a highlight of mobilization, it has taken a particular dimension this year because it has formalized the creation of the EADR-SI partnership led by Fert / Cneap.

Dozens of events, sometimes regional dimension, took place from November the 17th  to the 25th  in agricultural colleges of Cneap. Some have even drawn the attention of the national organizers of the ‘SSI’ (who came to participate to the regional event in Languedoc-Roussillon) and regional networks of associations (who participated in the events organized in Franche-Comté and Auvergne).

Languedoc-Roussillon, LEAP Bonne Terre in Pézenas hosted six institutions in the region for a day animated by the association Lafi Bala. The theater-forum Yarakh Kaddu, came to lend a hand time of evening performance. During the lunch break, participants were able to wander around the village of solidarity, which brought together associations such as Oxfam, Acat, 10 000 briques pour un village, l’Appel, Afdi, Artisans du Monde, Action Against Hunger,Terre nourricière, CCFD, Unicef, 1000 sourires pour Mada …  
  Franche-Comté (Montferrand-le-Chateau), 150 youth and 30 teachers from the six schools in the region participated in a day of awareness concepts and actions related to development education and international solidarity. If the institutional arrangements for financing these measures were presented in the introduction, this time inter-institutional exchanges also helped to enhance the actions of some schools to create new desires! Workshops facilitated the afternoon, organized with partner institutions (CCFD, Cercoop, RéciDev, Crij and Fert).
In Britain, the exchange days were held in four departments: as in Franche-Comté, the youth who had an experience abroad were invited to testify and share their impressions. Four meetings, rich in exchanges and sharing experiences! What spark new initiatives from the encounter with other people!  
We can also mention the conference-debate organized by the La Salle Saint-Christophe Campus (Masseube, Gers) on the concept of fair trade. This event was an opportunity to expose youth functioning of the Banque alimentaire and the mechanisms of microcredit. The day continued with the creation of an Air Food Project (and ended with the screening of the film “Live and Become” directed by Radu Mihaileanu).
Finally, ‘solisphères’ (ephemeral creation made from recycled materials) were made to schools of Saint Gildas des Bois (Pays de la Loire) and Vernet la Varenne (Auvergne).  
Difficult to be exhaustive about these days, which helped to educate young people in high school agricultural issues of international solidarity, exchange and sharing, which apply throughout the year.

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