November the 27th  was held in Manila, the closing of the International Year of Family Farming. Fert was participating with all agri-agencies members of AgriCord.

The year 2014 had the merit to highlight the dominant form of agriculture since on some 570 million farms in the world, 500 million are family farms (nearly 88%) and produce more 80% of the feed.

Fortunately farmers did not wait for the international year of family farming to support their development. On all continents and whatever their standard of living, they are on their farms, responsible entrepreneurs development of the latter in respect of their environment, soil, water, and air, which are resources they need.

On the scale of their villages, towns, regions or countries, they have also been able to organize and create, with other organizations, professional organizations able to provide them with services to solve their problems, in terms of access to credit, training, land tenure, market access … These organizations also have the function of allowing them to influence the formulation and implementation of public policies.

Accompany professional agricultural organizations in developing countries or emerging, sharing the experience of French and European agricultural organizations, is the mission of agri-agencies like Fert.