Since 2012, the professional agricultural organization Adad and Fert jointly and in partnership with the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture, jointly organize the program “Organization of producers and dialogue between actors“.

From 28 May to 4 June 2017, an Albanian delegation composed of producers, elected representatives of Adad and representatives of the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture met the arboriculture stakeholders in the Center-Val de Loire region and in Paris.

The main objective of this study tour, co-organized by FranceAgriMer, the French Embassy in Albania and Fert, was to understand the professional organization and mechanisms of consultation and negotiation in France, State, for the development of the national and territorial arboriculture sector.

Thus, the Albanian delegation met:

  • The association IDfel (association with the service of the operators of the fruit and vegetable sector) who explained to them the steering and operation of a French FO. She then visited the fruit experimental station of La Morinière, a subsidiary of IDfel, whose themes of experimentation are oriented and followed by working groups composed mainly of farmers;
  • The producers of the FO TerrYloire and the FO SARL fruits of the Loir with whom they exchanged on their roles in the packaging stations they manage themselves (aggregation and control, packaging, batch preparation, refrigeration … ) And visited the packing stations as well as 2 farms;
  • FranceAgriMer and the Ministry of Agriculture for a presentation of their respective missions and their governance; And an exchange following field visits.
    Interfel which presented them the interprofession of fruit & vegetables in France;
  • The National Association Pommes Poires (ANPP) for a discussion on the situation of French producers and the missions of this association in the representation of producers and market watch.

Meetings with actors in the field, illustrating field activities (research, production, collection, packaging, marketing) and the national level (representation, program contracts, European legislation), gave the Albanian delegation a very complete The organization of a sector at the territorial level and in its mechanisms of dialogue and support at the national level.

At the end of the study visit, the Albanian delegation concluded that Albania should prioritize its work on the reinforcement by Adad of the intermediary producer organizations that make up the chain (technical or storage / marketing groups ) In order to improve the performance of the arboricultural sector, and to strengthen mechanisms for consultation with the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture, notably through the recently established Interprofessional Fruit and Vegetable Committee.

In the coming months, Adad and the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture will work to develop an action plan in which they will mobilize the knowledge and contacts established during this fruitful mission.

Fert and Adad welcome the involvement of FranceAgriMer and IDfel in their support for the organization of this study tour which effectively nourished the reflection of the participants and thus fulfilled its objectives.