Within the framework of a partnership between the agri-agency Fert, the high schools of the Cneap, the national farmers’ organization Fifata and the Madagascan agricultural colleges Fekama, young people from agricultural education establishments in Occitania (10 high schools) and Madagascar (5 colleges) have mobilized to promote healthy and sustainable food here and there.

How can we make Madagascar better known to the students of the Cneap Occitanie high schools?

“The students of the Cneap agricultural high schools of Capestang, Céret, Masseube, Pézenas and Rieumes took part in a collaborative exhibition on the theme of Madagascar, which has been enriched over time. In order to develop their general culture of the country and their knowledge of Malagasy agriculture, the educational teams took up the regional theme for food for solidarity here and there and cooperated with Fekama to make their teaching modules more concrete and lively in order to open young people to solidarity. Animations also took place in solidarity clubs. “

Yves CARMICHAEL, regional correspondent for the EADRSI (Education for Rural Development and International Solidarity) Occitanie network

Why and how to cooperate on a common theme?

“The most important thing is to create exchanges between agricultural high schools in Cneap and the 5 Fekama agricultural high schools in Madagascar. This was made possible thanks to correspondence between young people and adults from both countries. “

David BARATGIN, regional correspondent for the EADRSI Occitanie network

How can the students of the Cneap high schools support the Malagasy agricultural colleges Fekama?

“In addition to solidarity sales (Christmas market, school shop, …), ‘bowls of rice’ operations and awareness-raising activities have been set up in the high schools of Cneap Occitanie thanks to the support of the Camargue rice growers’ union (200 kg of rice offered). Through these initiatives, the students collected more than €3,000. This sum can finance the training of 6 young Malagasy students for 1 year. “

Yves CARMICHAEL, regional correspondent for the EADRSI Occitanie network

Despite the global health crisis and lockdown, the students have remained supportive and wish to continue this project beyond the current school year.