This video is produced by Umnagri, as part of the SFOAP program, implemented by Fert and its partners in North Africa from 2013 to 2018.

Created in 2011 on the initiative of sheep breeders in north-western Tunisia, GDAEBN presents us in this video the challenges it wishes to address through its action.

It thus engaged in various activities: genetic improvement of local breeds, improvement of breeding practices, based in particular on the use of the sheep breeding information and management system, but also through improving fodder and herd feeding systems, on the dissemination of mechanical shearing sessions….

All these efforts in terms of production (herd management and genetic factors) aim to improve, in the first instance, livestock products (mainly meat and milk). In order to remunerate this work and the quality acquired thanks to it, GDAEBN then wishes to improve the value of red meat, and therefore also the structuring of the sector and the marketing channels.