IFRD (International Foundation for Rural Development), Stolin RDC (Rural Development Centre), Renaissance Agro Foundation of Slavgorod, Sol & Civilisation, European Commission, SDC (Swiss Development and Cooperation agency), UNDP

Geographic location

the districts of Stolin (primarily), Bragin and Slavgorod


This program, initiated in 2002 as part of the Core program (Cooperation for Réabilitation) was designed to demonstrate the relevance of the engagement of rural actors, including private farmers in improving living conditions in the contaminated territories . In 2008, the representation of Belarus Fert (BelFert) was relayed by a Belarusian organization, IFRD created by Fert and partners to ensure continuity and development at the national level, the activities of exchange, assistance, funding and representation of grassroots organizations.
Since 2012, Fert has positioned itself as a one-time resource structure and action has been refocused to support the most significant organization of the institutional landscape of the Stolin district, the RDC (Rural Development Center). The current program is called Exnet (Experimental Network). Its objective is to bring vegetable growers in the district to discuss issues of a technical nature in order to promote and strengthen a process of organizing around structuring more common issues such as procurement, storage, packaging, marketing or proper equipment.

In 2016, funding for the action came to an end and Fert left Belarus.