In response to the field teams’ needs, three animated videos were designed in collaboration with the communication agency Terre Nourricière.
Their objective is to explain in a simple and engaging manner Fert’s approach to new technicians and farmers in the countries where it operates.

Imagined by the Fert teams and produced by Terre Nourricière, these short videos (2 minutes each) serve as tools for Fert’s field teams, as well as for farmers and technicians of partner producer organizations. They are intended to be viewed on screens during training sessions or directly on tablets or smartphones during farm visits. They will soon be accompanied by an educational booklet.

Tell how farmers take charge of their own initiatives

Throughout the videos, we discover the stories of Ousmane, Clarisse, and Roland, who, when faced with difficulties, seek support from other farmers and collectively search for solutions tailored to their needs. From these three examples, we understand the importance of peer-to-peer exchanges, demonstration plots, and technical-economic records to measure progress. A range of activities is guided by an agricultural advisor who plays a facilitation role among the producers. This allows farmers to visually grasp the various dimensions of Fert’s support.