Little crop diversification and access to agricultural services

In Malawi, most farmers are subsistence farmers who rely on rain-fed farming. They cultivate only
a few crops and yields are low as agricultural production is vulnerable to external chocks such as droughts, heavy rains, diseases, and unstable prices.

In the district of Mzimba, farmers produce mainly maize and rear local chickens, maize being
the major staple food in Malawi. Peanut and tobacco are the main crops grown to generate income.
In addition to chickens, farmers often have goats, while only the wealthiest ones can afford rearing cows or pigs.

Yields are low because farmers lack technical knowledge, do not always find seeds of good quality
and rely on inorganic fertilizers which they can’t afford.  In addition, mechanization hardly exists, and the services of most farmers’ organizations are not well structured yet.

Fert is working in Malawi since 2022 through a national organization it set-up: Fert Walima.
It accompanies farmers and their organisations in the district of Mzimba.


To improve the food security and income of farmers in Mzimba


To increase agricultural production through an easier access to agricultural inputs and through performing and sustainable agricultural practices.

To add value to agricultural productions through processing and selling them at a better price.

To strengthen farmers’ organizations to enable them to offer their members the services they need.


Strengthening farmers through practical accompaniment and knowledge sharing between farmers

Three field officers employed by Fert each accompany 4 to 5 FOs, on the basis of an action plan developed with every FO following an initial diagnostic. Activities include :

  • Collective training and individual advice on documenting and analysing technical and economic data, production techniques, the processing of some agricultural produce…
  • Setting-up demonstration plots and facilitating discussions on new technical itineraries, the comparison of crop varieties, different types of fertilization…
  • Organizing exchange visits to discover new crops, improve crop or livestock production techniques, and share experiences related to group organisation and dynamics.


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partner FOs


farmers accompanied


FO now processing its milk into yogurt


FO having started producing peanut butter

175 000

Average annuel budget
(including Fert support)