The agricultural sector is one of the pillars of Burkina Faso’s economy. To contribute to its development and enable farmers to make a decent living from their profession, agri-agencies such as Fert support Burkinabe farmers organizations. 
Five French (Afdi and Fert), Belgian (Trias), German (AHA) and Canadian (UPA-DI) agri-agencies are active in Burkina Faso. They are among the 12 agri-agencies gathered within the International AgriCord Alliance.

Since January 2018, the agri-agencies Afdi, Fert and Trias have shared a new office in Ouaga 2000, a modern district of Ouagadougou.
This physical grouping aims to promote synergies between these agri-agencies, at the service of Burkinabe farmer organizations.

The inauguration of this new office in early April was the subject of an AgriCord mission: a delegation composed of Jean François Isambert, President of Agricord and Fert, and Hannelore Beerlandt, Director of AgriCord, spent 4 days on site.

Report broadcast on April 6, 2018 in the 20h of the RTB (Broadcasting-Télévision du Burkina):

The delegation took advantage of this stay to exchange with the teams of the various agri-agencies, meet partner farmers organizations as well as technical and financial partners such as the European Union or the French Embassy.

These few days allowed to make better known the missions of the agri-agencies and AgriCord and to better understand the actions carried out on the ground as well as the realities of Burkinabe farmers and their organizations.

The AgriCord mission continued with a visit to Côte d’Ivoire, during which the AgriCord delegation was able to meet a Fert partner farmers organization and representatives of the African Development Bank.