The conference, organized by Fert and the BTPL in collaboration
with the FNPL, will be held at the Maison du Lait and will present
3 actions supported by Fert-BTPL.

The morning of exchange will focus on the presentation of actions carried out jointly by Fert-BTPL in different countries:

  • In Georgia, mission to a dairy farm in the small Caucasus,
  • In Madagascar, support for the Union des coopératives laitières Rova,
  • In Brazil, support for the professionalization of Unileite dairy farms.

This free event, open to all professionals in the sector (on registration), will take place on
Wednesday 25 April at the Maison du Lait from 9h30 to 13h and will be followed by a buffet lunch.

To register, click here.

Milk House
42 de Chateaudun Street
75314 Paris cedex 09
Subway Station Trinité (l.12)