Friday,  the 28th of September , the fourth and final module of the training Education on Rural Development and International Solidarity (EADR-SI) has been fenced.

He concluded training courses EADR-SI, which aimed to equip participants (18) to become  in their respective regions, “correspondents” of development education for agricultural colleges in their region.

The route was declined as follows:

  • Monday, the 12th of March: Day of meeting participants and launch training 
  • From Monday the 2nd to Friday the 6th of April : Building of the network EADR-SI with identified resources (partners, structures, tools …) 
  • From Monday the 4th to Thursday the 7th of June: Facilitate the relay 
  • From Wednesday the 26th to Thursday the 28th of September: Consolidate action and capitalize on the experience

Fert, the CNEAP (National Council of Private Agricultural Education) and IFEAP (Training Institute of Agricultural Education Private) have built together this training course led to many interventions. People who are experts in development education, and associations from around the different institutions were able to provide their views and experiences: the Comité Catholique contre la faim et pour le développement (CCFD), Agriculteurs français – Développement international (Afdi), La Guilde Européenne du Raid, Enda Europe … and l’Agence Française de Développement, partner of this project

The Ministry of Agriculture was also represented by Yann Raineau, Deputy Head of the Office of European and International Cooperation (Directorate General for Education and Research), and a charge of international cooperation in the region, Service Regional Training and Development (equivalent Rector for the Ministry of Agriculture).

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All about the network and informations about the corresponding 

 Week of Solidarity International (from 17 to 25 November 2012) is an opportunity for the network EADR-SI celebrate its creation: many events are already planned in the region! Coming soon on CNEAP’s website