Fert Burkina Fugcom

Main partners

Fugcom (Federation of the Unions of Groupings and Truck-farming Cooperatives of the Bam).

Geographic location

province of Bam, Region of the Center the North


For a long time, the province of Bam was a national and international reference regarding truck-farming production, in particular for the production of French beans intended for the export towards Europe. Today, with a market of the much less expanding French bean, the production more diversified and passes by on the local markets and of the sub-region. In 2005, at the instigation of the Union of the young truck farmers of Kongoussi, Unions and cooperatives grouped together to form a federation: Fugcom.

It is in this context that Fert introduced in 2012 a partnership with Fugcom. It accompanies it to engage a dynamics around 3 axes:

  • improve and spread cultural techniques;
  • strengthen producers’ organizations at the various levels: groups, unions and federation;
  • favor the exchanges and deepen the knowledge of the sector to introduce reflections on the economic services useful for their members whom Fugcom can propose and operate.