Logo AFDOn 17 December 2013 the Specialized Committee of the Board of the French Development Agency met and approved the continued funding of EADR-SI project. A renewed partnership that demonstrates the relevance of this action with the public of private agricultural education.

Elaborated for a period of 3 years , the second strand of action is a continuation of activities initiated since January 2012.

If the partnership between Fert and Cneap is always at the heart of this dynamic of outreach and support stakeholders projects (youth and adults) of agricultural

education , 4 main areas of activities will stake the next 3 years (2014 -2016 ) :

Continued training EADR -SI, in the form of ‘reduced modules’ that can be organized nationally or locally : the program of these modules will be largely based on training EADR SI – 2012 , which had taken place on about 10 days . This activity will be conducted in close relationship with the Ifeap , who actively contributed to the creation and implementation of training at the launch of this project in 2012;

Strengthening the EADR – SI network and the role of Regional Correspondents (CR) : CR are gradually their own contacts at the regional level , it is now to sustain and strengthen ;

Increased mobilization during dedicated to international solidarity activities that punctuate the life of the network, including the mobilization during the week of International Solidarity and fellowship with PARD -SI projects: PARD -SI network will continue to mobilize for highlights such as the International Solidarity Week , and the exchange of projects will grow ( 2 calls for proposals 25,000 € each);

– Finally, the expansion of this dynamic EADR -SI in agricultural higher education .

Fert and Cneap continue their awareness raising approach, combining their respective skills, agricultural development in a hand, agricultural education in the other hand

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