In 2015, Fert, the Accir Unions and cowpea producers Dablo, Pensa and Pissila Burkina Faso (Sanmatenga region) published a document entitled “What support producers towards agroecology? In practice an approach. “

This capitalization of experience ten years back on the implementation of a set of agricultural practices aimed at restoring soil fertility, enhance returns, or reduce the vulnerability of producers of farms face climatic variations.

To value these teachings, stand illustrated animation was developed with the cowpea unions. It aims to stimulate debate with producers around the direction to be taken as part of an agro ecological approach at the cowpea unions.

There is therefore no technical data with a technical message to get across, but a tool to bring the discussion. This illustrated entertainment media comes in a set of practical and educational tools developed in French and Moore (local language). We invite you to discover the facilitator’s guide on agroecology entitled “And now what do we do?”.