Network Education In Rural Development and International Solidarity (PARD-SI) capped off the school year!

Two news are honored


 : the opening of the 2014 edition of the Auction floor EADR-SI, and the launch of a contest on the occasion of the International Year of Family Farming (AIAF).


The auction floor EADR-SI

Given the success of the 2012 edition, funding education initiatives for the development of institutions CNEAP is renewed. This year, participants have the opportunity to submit their applications until Friday, October 31, 2014, in three different categories:

  • project of an institution,
  • project of several institutions
  • youth project.

The total amount for this call for proposals is EUR 25,000, and grants are capped at EUR 3000 per project.

Review of the 2012-2013 scholarship projects:

The contest  ‘And for you ‘family farming’ what does that mean?’

Fert, the CNEAP and the EADR-SI network celebrate family farming by launching a contest for young people enrolled in institutions CNEAP open until 30 November 2014.

Family farming is characterized by a strong link between family and farm. But what do young people in rural areas, the changing world of agriculture? Collect and develop their speech is the goal of this contest, and through various media: image, video, text, music.


Two events that reflect the dynamic network!


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