The project “Conservation Agriculture Morocco, Mali“, implemented by Fert in partnership with Afdi Touraine since January 2010 comes to an end soon. The latest actions of the program are in progress and will be finalized on September 30th, 2013.


After three years of work, efforts will focus primarily on the capitalization of project achievements in each country, movies, posters and other materials will be many ways of disseminating results.

In addition, a final external evaluation of the overall project will begin in August and will be followed by a field mission in the project areas in Mali (Sikasso region), and Morocco (regions Khenifra and Chefchaouen).

Project stakeholders (local peasant groups, PO, technicians, researchers, administration) expect much from this study that will take a step back compared to many areas of work and give elements to guide the follow-up to this original initiative the impact could give repercussions in other countries of the Maghreb and the Sahel.