Since 2013, the “Marjolaine Women Awards” reward women leading exemplary initiatives in the areas of agriculture and sustainable food and leaders in France, in developing countries and in the Mediterranean. The jury will award a 4000 euro price per category for each winner.

Two of the four categories to honor are dedicated to the international (agriculture & food and international solidarity, agriculture & food and Mediterranean).

An original and committed initiative that rewards and promotes women and best courses in the field of agriculture and the sustainable and responsible food.

Four categories to compete:

  1. Agriculture-France (ie. Organic farm, short circuit, animal welfare, water savings, integration project, etc.);
  2. Food-France (ie. Organic restaurant, school cafeteria or company offering vegetarian menus and / or organic food brand, Organic catering, nutrition education for children, social grocery store, restaurant ESAT, consumer cooperative etc.);
  3. Agriculture and / or International Power and Solidarity in a developing country project led or supported by a French organization
    (Eg. Market gardening cooperative company processing of raw materials, etc.):
  4. Agriculture and / or supply-Mediterranean countries in the Mediterranean region * to echo the COP 22 and 22 MedCOP.
    Project led or supported by a French organization (eg. Maraichage, cooperative company processing of raw materials, etc.

* The Mediterranean countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Montenegro, Malta, Palestine, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey

The candidates this year have until July 17 midnight to apply online