Since July 2014, the Association Fert and his longtime partner, CNEAP (National Council of Private Agricultural Education) are involved in the Prism F3E program, as part of their common educational work in rural development and international solidarity (EADR-SI).

What Prism ?

Prism has its origin in the following observation, shared by many actors of international solidarity: the current project management tools and monitoring and evaluation fail to reflect the effects and impact of projects and programs. It is necessary to create and test new methods that will better measure changes, including qualitative.

14 projects supported by 29 organizations from 9 countries have therefore agreed to embark on the collective adventure of Prism, by experimenting with new approaches to monitoring and evaluation.

Fert involvement in the program

The national facilitators of EADR-SI network had already been part of a working group on the effects and impact of development education in 2012-2013, which resulted in a publication. Involvement in the Prism has allowed to extend this reflection, with the desire to also involve the Regional Focal EADR-SI network.

Prism concretely

In October 2014, the Prism was presented at a meeting of EADR-SI network and 4 corresponding agreed to get involved in the experiment, resulting in three-day workshop in small groups between January and June 2015.

This work has lead to a ‘Logbook of regional correspondent’, a document that will:

  • Every correspondent: to follow his actions and see what worked / not worked;
  • The national facilitators of the network: to best adapt their support for each correspondent.
This diary was used during the last meeting of the network in September 2015. The regional correspondents unanimously recognized its usefulness, even if the form, still a little restrictive, will be changed. A new version will be tested in March 2016: a further step towards a monitoring and evaluation system to the action of shared service.