On the occasion of his visit to France in 2014, Fert met Haingoarison Randrianomanjanahary, President of the stakeholders in the land of Solidarity (SIF) in Madagascar. Haingo is also director of Fifata, Fert partner for 25 years.

1. Can you quickly introduce SIF?

Fifata, the network Soa, NGOs or private companies working in the field of land.

It also aims to make proposals for land laws. In 2005, several land laws should have been implemented but few were eventually to implementing decree.


2. What are the means of action of the SIF and its mode of operation?

In terms of governance, the SIF  has an Executive Committee (Comex), the equivalent of a board of directors, and an office consisting of 7 members who meet every two months, despite the travel difficulties elected localized in different regions. As a representative of Vombo – peasant organization in the region Bongolava – I was elected President in 2010 for two years and re-elected in 2012 for a second and final term.

FIS also has a technical team including a coordinator for legal training, two lawyers who receive the complaints of farmers, an economist who analyzes the field surveys, a communications officer, an agronomist who puts consistent activities on land and food security issues, and a computer.

In addition to the contributions of its members, FIS also has partners like the CCFD – Terre Solidaire (depuis 2009) or the international platform ILC (International Land Coordination), and until there is little, Saha program.


3. To illustrate, what file types you process?