The agricultural training center (CFAR) of Niofoin, founded jointly in 2019 by LDC, French agri-agency Fert and the Louis Dreyfus Foundation in northern Côte d’Ivoire, celebrated on June 24, 2021, the graduation of its first 28 young people after completing two years of professional agricultural training.

To earn their diploma, each student had to present, in front of a jury composed of professionals, his or her installation project aimed at enabling him or her to practice the profession of farming, to earn a decent income and to meet the needs of sustainable farming systems, whether for plant or animal production.

Outstanding academic performance and the best student projects were recognized at the graduation ceremony attended by 200 people, including local authorities, representatives of the local farmer associations, students’ families and LDC employees

A school fair, exhibiting agricultural inputs and products of local manufacturers and distributors, complemented the celebrations.

With their diploma in hand, these 28 young farmers are now well prepared to pursue their objectives and implement their project. During the two years following their training, they will benefit from the support of an agricultural advisor and receive material support (equipment, breeding stock, etc.) in the form of an in-kind contribution from a fund created to support young farmers in the beginning of their professional life. They will also be put in touch with other farmers, professional agricultural organizations, input suppliers and local buyers to facilitate the expansion of their activities.

“This is an important milestone – not only for our graduates and local farming communities, but for CFAR’s mission, too. Côte d’Ivoire registers strong economic and demographic growth, and agriculture is a key pillar of the country’s economy. In this context, agricultural and rural education is a national priority. CFAR was created to train future generations of farmers on sustainable and innovative agricultural methods, contributing to the development of rural agricultural communities in a region where there is a strong need to promote farming among young people”.

On Monday, October 4, 2021, the CFAR made its 3rd school year. The 28 young people of the 2nd promotion were able to start their second year of training while about thirty new young people were selected to integrate the 3rd promotion of CFAR. The priority for this school year will be to continue to improve the pedagogical practices and to support the professional integration of the young people already trained.