In 2021, funding for the action came to an end.

The collective serving the economy


Beekeeping potential of the province of Taza still little recognized and valued

In terms of local products, thanks to the presence of abundant and diversified honey resources, Taza province has great bee production potential. However, despite promising prospects, many constraints hinder the development of the beekeeping sector in the province, mainly in terms of the quality of hive products, their processing and packaging. Domestic products face international competition and the sector is poorly regulated and organized.

Al Amal union of beekeeping cooperatives of Taza – Upat was created in 2013 by four local cooperatives with the idea of setting up a beekeeping complex (beehive production unit, wax recycling and embossing, honey extraction, packaging, queen rearing, …). Financed by the green Morocco plan in 2018, it will be the basis for an improvement of beekeeping production, in quality and quantity, but also for a better value and the marketing of honey and other products of the hive.


Supporting Upat in its viability and the development of its services

Improving in a sustainable way beekeeping production and access to quality inputsImproving the value addition of beekeeping production on profitable marketsDeveloping a range of services adapted to beekeepers’ needs and their territories and make it sustainable


Upat and its members focus on providing quality inputs and training

Over 2018-2020 period, in order to sustainably develop production, in quantity and quality, and to better value its products, Al Amal union and its member cooperatives wish to develop:
• Their training and support system for member cooperatives, thanks to a technical committee made up of member beekeepers and to the mobilization of a beekeeping technician,
• The nursery (apiary) and the beekeeping complex, which should improve the inputs supply (hives, wax…) in the area, the queens rearing and offer approved local extraction and packaging services.
Al Amal union will be supported in the development and implementation of these projects.

Beyond the direct effect on beekeepers, the activities will aim at strengthening the skills of the union and grassroots cooperatives, developing and managing their services and providing support for strategic thinking, particularly in terms of enlargement, succession and marketing.




: Taza province


beekeeping cooperatives members of Upat




people from the families of beekeepers are benefiting from the action

1 000

beekeepers of Taza will be able to benefit from the services provided by the union, i.e. about 20 000 hives

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