Since 2011, Fert supports the breeders of the city of Akhaltsikhe in Georgia.

A recent mission of Fert allowed to measure on the ground (and minds) the traveled path:

On a technical level first, it may be noted signs of improvement in the management of the diet: the renovation of hayfields, the adjustment stages of hay, the realization of the first silages, the use of DDGS and beets, building barns and watering in these shelters …

On the organizational level, the periodic meetings farmers / public powers / partners of sector(network) uncork in concerted actions and groups exchange on the possibility of purchases and equipments in common. Finally, breeders’ committee already raises the questions of the training of the young people and wonders about the relations to be established with the mass-market retailing.

However, the impact is still limited because only a hundred farmers is directly involved (400 made sensitive), but their technical and financial commitment is already significant.

The movement is underway. It still remains to mobilize some actors and to find other partners so that it takes definitively its flight.