In May 2015, members of producers Adad inaugurated in Peshkopi, in the region of Dibra, a natural fruit juice unit called KopFrut.Initiated in 2012, the draft local apple and pear processing, could finally see the light thanks to the support and advice of Adad but also thanks to the pugnacity of the producers on the initiative of this project.

Vehip Salkurti, main architect of this achievement, had invited his colleagues and partners to visit the premises of what is now the first Albanian fruit processing unit belonging to producers and created their initiative will be led to produce in full season up to 2000 l / h of natural fruit juices. It is in this an important sign of their development and their ability to organize and undertake

Fert, accompanying producers Adad since its beginnings, was invited to Peshkopi to the commissioning of this unit; was represented by Christopher Field, director of the association. André Pinatel, grower, President of the Regional Chamber of Agriculture Paca, Adad mobilized partner for nearly 20 years, was also present to greet this success.

Beyond the symbol that represents the culmination of this project led by a group of Albanian growers in this region still very poor, this event has received the attention of Government (Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture) that came to inaugurate the unit on May the 18th, 2015.